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Friday 21st December’18. The green campus of Daffodil International University suddenly got a festive look. It was mesmerizing windy, shiny winter morning. The day was not at all different from other winter morning but yet seemed very special for a family. The campus woke up very early in the morning. The regular sunny morning somehow looked different. Everything looked colorful. The entire campus was found ready to embrace something. The peoples moving here suddenly found busy. As the time was passing the whole Daffodil Family came to a single point. Peoples at different age entered the campus. Finally the secret revealed. The campus was actually waiting to welcome the family members to celebrate Daffodil Family Day!



DAFFODIL FAMILY IS SUCH AN EXAMPLE OF AN ORGANIZATION, WHERE VALUES AND ETHICS COME FIRST BEFORE ANY SELECTION AND CONTRIBUTION. Thus, Daffodil Family which was founded 28 years back has developed emotional bonding with its members. Here, the happiest moment of their life is related to each other, any achievement or success of the organization equally touches the heart and mind of its members. If any member of the family faces any difficult times, the organization as a family gives a healing touch, support like a boat to row the turbulent waters of life. The vision of the organization and the dream of the members, happiness, success, beliefs and values somehow closely related to each other. It truly made the organization unique. “If the organization has developed or got any success in past 28 years, then it is because of the family”- believing in it, Daffodil Family Day has been organized to greet and pay respect to the family of Daffodil Family members!. We felt it is absolutely vital to establish and celebrate same tradition between the members of Daffodil Family. During the past years we created a culture inside the organization, we have some tradition, we have some practices which is very essential to share with the members to give them a sense of our history, what we do, where we come from and where they fit into our Daffodil Family Structure.


The objective of celebrating the Daffodil Family Day was to pay gratitude to the family members, instigate and endorse the well balanced family through encouraging social interaction, share the values of the organization and recognize the contribution of the members. The ultimate objective was to develop the emotional bonding that exist between the members. In a nutshell, our family day was a day of activities meant to encourage bonding between family members We believe the success of the Daffodil Family is the result of indirect contribution of family of Daffodil Family members.

WHAT WE DID?               

The day was filled with a wonderful cue of sheer joy scheduled with numerous functions and events. The celebration program was planned in such a way where members at any age had something to perform.

WHO PARTICIPATED?                  

Every member of Daffodil Family was included in the celebration with their family. The Family Day came up with a message of equality, where all the members got equal facilities, shared the same platform, recognized and took part in every events.


The venue of the event is little far from the cosmopolitan city. Considering the traffic on the road and availability of the transport systems and location, there were transport services for the family members to avoid any hassles of the Family members. The bus no and location for pick point was announced before the day so that everyone can find it at right time. The journey became very live meeting and greeting the family members.


Since it was a Friday, it took just 20/25 minutes to reach the venue. The venue was ready to welcome the guests. The wide green view of the campus seemed to have won the first impression of the guests. We found some are very rush to get down from the bus to touch the dew drops on the grass, some went directly to the flower garden, the kids seemed very happy to find the rides, cartoon characters, many of them couldn’t stop them to visit directly the food shop and startup market to buy whatever they need. However, the announcement then came for the kids to join the Art Competition organized by DIS. While planning the events, we put the emphasis on children events so that they can show their creativity and take part in events, play in the field, make fun, and enjoy the time with their favorite characters.


In selecting the kid’s event we also concentrated on our Bangladeshi cultural tradition.  It is true that most of our kids spend time in Video Games, watching cartoon and many of them are not getting orientation to traditional play that even we used to play during our childhood. So we brought here a traditional game so that they get some fun time during celebrating family day. The kid’s event started with Art Competition organized by Daffodil International School.


Daffodil International School initiated the Art Competition for the children of Daffodil Family members. The theme of the competition was “Creative Ways Lead the Future”.

Participants were divided into 3 categories according to their age and each category had different topics,  such as –  Ages 4 to 7 (My family on Victory Day), Ages 8 to 12 (Our Victory Our Pride) and Ages 13 to 16 (Our Victory Our Pride). We found the topic of the competition truly helped the little kids to show their love for their country in a creative way.

PLAY ZONE        

It was hard to get any kid in the Campus Compound They rushed to the playground as lot of attraction was waiting for them. Kids were found enjoying their time riding on.


THE BISCUITS RUN                        

While it was almost tough to get them back from the play zone, some were found very excited to take part in the Biscuit Run. During the playing time we parents were talking on their kid’s nature and how serious they are about their kid’s performance.


We planned the family day event in such a way so that every member can get scope for Interaction with Inflatable fun which helps the staffs to get a lasting memory to cherish for long. During the Family Day, we organized traditional sporty event for the staffs.


Like other events, we brought attraction in selecting foods at the Daffodil Family Day. While selecting foods we have chosen kids friendly recipes.


In the family gathering we found the emotional display of patriotism by its members who made the human-map to pay tribute to our national heroes. And it could not be done at a more appropriate moment than choosing Daffodil Family Day. It was first time that any organization took such initiative where kids, their parents and every member of the family stood shoulder to shoulder, sang the national anthem and suddenly the moment got an emotional touch. Everyone present on the ground could feel the notion of this victory month. The campus turned vibrant with enthusiasm and it became a proud moment which consoled every participant’s heart. The initiative has been taken from the values that Daffodil Family carries since its inception. One of the key focus of the Daffodil Family is to do National Branding and upholding the National Flag which is deeply rooted in every member’s heart.


Startup Market at the venue was one of the attraction for the family members. Like other events we had a core objective here. The idea was to encourage the entrepreneurial ideas of our students, giving them support and platform and finally motivate them which usually Daffodil always do. The young entrepreneurs came up with numerous attractive products such as Men’s and Women’s clothing Ornaments, Gift items, Craft and Sculptures etc. The visitors particularly liked T-Shirt, Printed Mug, various kind of lighting, Books, Painting, Clothes, Food, electronic gadgets and Air Balloon (Fanush). Also some of them brought food items like snacks and sweet items in the market which attracted the participants.


This was one of the unique and special attraction in the Daffodil Family day. In the observance of the day, we introduced Gift Coupon for the participants and ensured that anyone participated in the event will definitely get a gift. Also the coupon has been gifted among the best contributor of the organization. Through this coupon the participants easily buy their goods from the startup market.  This is the first time we introduced coupon as gift. The gift coupon distributed during the event was worth of 130K.


After the lunch and prayers everyone found waiting for the cultural program. The event was set to start at 4pm. Considering the huge crowd and events schedule it was assumed that the show might start lately. Surprisingly, the event started just on time. Just at 4 pm, the Master of the Ceremony gave an announcement. The show started, the respective guests came at the huge auditorium and the event started with the National Anthem. The children, family members, and guests everyone took part in singing.

Bright rays of the setting sun, green well-groomed branch already took a dramatic look then. At the outset, the family member didn’t forget to pay respect to the person who played the key role in developing this family value.

It was expected to get a voice message from Mr. Md. Sabur Khan but as he announced he just listened to the audience. So the show resumed without any formal speech.

The management and faculty members along with their kids performed in the cultural show. The audience could easily found the touch of our Bangladeshi cultural heritage in their performance. There were some extempore performance as well which made the show live and touched the heart.


The honorable Vice Chancellor of Daffodil International University went to the stage. The audience was very curious on his arrival. His idea was to share every good news with our family members and to let them know how we are doing. Dr. Yusuf M Islam very nicely shared the recent success and recognition of Daffodil International University and Mr. Md Sabur Khan in the national and International arena. We could easily see the reflection among the members which made everyone happy!


Daffodil believes the success of the organization has been resulted for the team work and dedication of its family members. Also believes that the success of the organization or vision of the organization can only be achieved if the team effort can be ensured. So, Daffodil Family, in a congratulatory gesture, recognized the contribution of its employees in different sectors. In giving the recognition we found nothing can bring much satisfaction than if we can give recognition of their effort in front of their family. It truly helped the family to develop an attitude about the company through the employee, and then the honor cycles back and influences the employee in their performance.

The teachers and management staffs got the recognition here. Also the best part was that the staffs who are working for us day and night to give support and maintaining the office environment got recognition for their effort.


One of the wonderful part of Daffodil Family is that, the organization is just 28+old and it has a 20 years HR club. While the MC invited the club members on the stage, we found a bunch of peoples are moving to the stage which reflects their emotional attachment and commitment they have for the organization.


Two different events and recognition made the event distinct from others. The first recognition was given to Mr. Alauddin Al Azad who has been serving to the organization since the first day Daffodil Started its journey. To pay respect to him the organization has decided to sponsor him for performing the Holly Hajj this year.

The second recognition was given to Mr. Firoz Alam Miya. Mr. Firoz, is the first person among the senior family members who formally retired from the organization following the rules of the organization and received all the pension/gratuity at the right time. It is to mention that his daughter and son has studied at Daffodil Education Network and daughter is doing job at Daffodil International College also.

It is truly uncommon for many organizations who are at the same stage where Daffodil is right at this time now!


Our kids are the future and we need to nurture them with the values and beliefs that we practice in our life. We didn’t know that our next generation are growing with exceptional talents. They came up to the stage and demonstrate extempore performance. A guitar was gifted to the talented kids who played it on the stage.

The best part is that, no kids left the place without performance!


If we want to evaluate an organization, we have to assess it with its practices. Daffodil remembers its member who contributed in its development. In this special day the family members of formers colleagues have been invited who served the organization till the last day of their lives. It was a great honor for the organization to get them in Family Day celebration and it became a part to cherish for long.


Our Family Day celebration was not only to share the joy or happiness but also it was a day to stand beside the colleagues who are in bad times and through this day to benefit our corporate social responsibility initiatives. At this point, suddenly the audience became silent as soon as the MC announced the hurdles that Mr. Mehedi and Mr. Tofael is facing. Daffodil Family extended the hands for cooperation here. Also, the entire audience committed to come forward. We could see the benefit of a large family here.


Besides, giving recognition to some family members for their effort and contribution we also witnessed the acknowledgement of some of our colleagues. We all, including the family witnessed the proud moment and what would be the best way other than this to give thanks for contribution?


At every action that was taken for celebration we could see the reflection of values. From invitation to event organization, everywhere we could see the morale boost it provided to the members. This is important to achieve the trust and respect for the organization which helped the members to engage meaningfully to the family.

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